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A Seamless Way, Inc.


There are 50,000 children in East New York, Brooklyn who do not have the freedom to learn fashion and design in an 8 mile radius. This means they haven’t had the chance to explore their talents and artistry to their fullest potential.

Annually, designers who identify as Black, Brown, and Queer, make up a fraction of runway presentations during New York Fashion Week. In February 2020, 30 of the 220 shows were BIPOC designers.

A Seamless Way, Inc. will bridge the gap to ensure our Black and Brown children of East New York have an opportunity as future fashion creatives.

Creating a safe space for artists of color and unifying the youth through Fashion, Design, & Self-Development.  

Providing limitless fashion design skills and resources for Black and Queer people of all ages one neighborhood at a time.

A Seamless Way, Inc is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. No gift is too small for us.

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