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Our mission at A SEAMLESS WAY, INC is to create a safe space for young artists of color and unify the community through art and expression. We want to offer opportunities for Afro-Caribbean, Afro- Latinx, and Black & Brown youth for seamless unity and community connection through self-development.

Our Founder, Jerri Reid, grew up in the East New York Public School System which lacked the opportunity to study fashion and design. In High School, he realized his love for fashion  but did not have the resources or community to show direction. 

Years after graduating from high school, Jerri realized East New York did not have any access to instruction on fashion and design. As a self-taught designer, he could no longer ignore the call to do something about this need within in his community.

Jerri became New York City Department of Education Vendor; allowing access to public schools in the New York City Region. 

We have been able to service over 200 students in Brooklyn and Queens schools for 5 years. Over the course of 32-weeks, students learned skills  necessary for success in the world of fashion. From producing garments with sewing machine skills taught by our mentors to producing an end-of-year fashion showcase; our students walk way feeling inspired to reach their fullest potential as artists. 


Our program has enhanced math skills as well as social and emotional skills. Our Students have gone on to be College-bound or Career-bound ready. One of our students went on to college in 2016 to major in Fashion Merchandising.


We envision providing fashion design skills and resources for Black and Queer people of all ages one neighborhood at a time. Ensuring every Black and Brown artist can create without limitations.

Our Long Term Plan

A Seamless Way, Inc. will sustain, it will persist,  and it will withstand any test of time, for all time. Regardless of economical conditions, political issues, religious problems, and all violence,A Seamless Way, Inc. will thrive. All internal affairs will be positive contributions to fashion, arts, and limitless people. A Seamless Way, Inc. will be the cornerstone for Culture, Community, and Composition for infinite years. We are the legacy for future generations near and far. 

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